Weekend offer: RVS treatments -15%

Lets make an "diamond offer", ALL RVS treatments -15% only for this weekend. Now its a great opportunity to buy RVS treatments with big discount for example for a christmas present.

RVS does not require much demonstration, it is a practically a working products that reduces friction and raises compression pressures (improves gear contact in transmission). Treatments are also high capasity, with one treatment its possible going up to 100,000km and for several years, depending on how many kilometers will come. The weekend's offer now offers you an excellent opportunity to buy treatments as a christmas gift with much better price. Approximately all the treatments are always available from our stock, but during the offer the shelves are quickly empty - although more products usually comes for a next working day, so they do not have to wait a long time.

RVS treatments with discount:
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Have a great day!