ACL bearings are made to withstand

ACL bearings are basically the basic tool for a bigger engine tuning. The most common bearings for the most common engines can be found directly from our stock.

The ACL bearings have a special 4-metal structure, which is why they can withstand any engine where OEM bearings do not. Even when assembling engine with OEM power, ACL is a great alternative as they are more durable, much faster available and often cheaper. Bearings are supplied as standard or if necessary in 0.25mm / 0.5mm sizes.

There are plenty of bearings in stock, including SR20DET, CA18DET and RB25/26 engines, but from order, bearings are available for example for Audi, Bmw, Ford, Opel and Volvo - stock bearings are even up to -20% off at the moment. Offer for the engine parts with bearings you should contact our sales directly by calling or emailing. There are also plenty of connecting rods, pistons, gaskets, bolts and oil pumps for most engines in stock and our range.

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