Slippery weathers coming, more grip with Quaife differential

2018-11-19 13:34:40 by
Quaife differential works in every conditions, it is also suitable especially for slippery weather. It does not lock the wheels, but instead transfers more power to the wheel that has more traction.

Quaife is one of the best modifications for a car and especially for Finnish weathers. According to the customer feedback, the most common is the improved grip when comparing to the original diff. Quaife differentials are manufactured and designed in England where the knowledge is in high level and where all the differentials are tested before putting them to sale. Quaife works great even with big amount of snow and with the original traction control, also the yellow light does not flash so often when there is more grip.

We have many differential in stock and we order more every week. Most common Quaifes are for German cars, but there is also a huge range for other car models. Besides differentials, Quaife has a gear kits for transmissions and also a whole transmissions with all parts, ask more from our sales.

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