Overview of water pumps

Winter comes, but some cars are still running. It is important to take care of the engine temperature all year round, as in cold weather engine still needs more cooling sometimes. Of course updating the pump in the winter when the car is not running is the most easiest way. Now we take a small look at the water pumps and go through the installation as well.

Electric water pump especially with controller kit ensures easy controls to the water pump and for example for electric fan. Which pump would be the best and how the installation goes? First option is leaving the mechanical water pump in place install into the bottom radiator hose and remove the manufacturers thermostat. You will need to bypass the water pump pulley by installing a shorter belt. This method makes for an easy installation but the mechanical pumps impeller may slightly reduce the coolant flow. Second option is remove and disengage the mechanical water pump. In one of the following. Remove only the impeller from the mechanical pump to retain the mechanical water pump pulley as an idler to avoid re-routing the drive belt. To gut the mechanical water pump, remove both the impeller and water pump pulley completely. You will need to plug/fill any holes created and re-route the belt to drive the accessories. Block any bypass passages and re-install the disengaged water pump ensuring that all gasket surfaces are clean and the new gaskets are properly fitted to prevent leaks. Install the EWP into the bottom radiator hose and remove the thermostat. Or removed mechanical water pump remove the mechanical water pump and thermostat from the engine. Install the header adaptor or blanking plate, ensuring the gasket surfaces are clean and the appropriate gasket or sealant is used to prevent leaks.

Of course its possible to mount the EWP as for a booster. Install the EWP into the bottom radiator hose and remove the thermostat from the vehicle. Drill a minimum of 2 x 5mm (or equivalent) holes in the thermostat plate to allow coolant circulation and re-install ensuring that the thermostat housing is clean and a new gasket is used if required. Most common models are in our own stock and more can be ordered within a week.

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