Race.fi products in stock with good discounts

We have wide range of different Race.fi products such as fuel pressure regulators, throttle bodys, hoodlocks, oil coolers and short shifters. Also with high stock levels! Race.fi products are priced well and part of the stuff are with great discounts.

Short shifters

Short shifter makes the gear gap by 25-40% and makes it more accurate. For example switching for 3rd gear to 4th is much shorter. Installing is easy, take old one out and replace with brand new Race.fi short shifter. Stock includes short shifters for example BMW, Nissan and VAG cars. Few models are also with discount prices from 29,90 €

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Fuel pressure regulator

One of the Race.fi top sellers - more than thousands of sold regulators. Fuel pressure regulator with gauge keeps the fuel pressure going to injectors in ratio with intake pressure appropriate, when the car controlling system knows to inject correct amount of fuel to engine. Works with fuel injected cars, turbocharged or non-turbo.

»» Race.fi fuel pressure regulator

13 ja 25 row oil coolers

13-row cooler
Core-size: Height 100mm, width 290mm.
Overall size: Height 130mm, width 330mm.
Pipe fitting: AN10

25-row cooler
Core-size: Height 200mm, width 290mm.
Overall size: Height: 230mm, width 330mm.
Pipe fitting: AN10

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