Winter comes, Triangle winter tires for any weather

Triangle winter tires guarantee a safe grip even in bad weather. The Triangle is 100% designed in Finland, so it's excellent choice especially for our changing winter weathers.

Triangle winter tires with stud or friction design give the best grip and they rock in any weather, rain or shine. Tires has up to 30% higher stud amount, but they do not wear the road surface more than normal winter tires. The studs are mounted with fully automatic machine, guaranteeing excellent grip in curves and straight road.

The Triangle winter tires were added to our webshop few weeks ago and we have sell them nicely in this fall. The best tire is easy to choose from webshop based on diameter, width, profile and tire type (friction / stud). Almost all Triangle tires are available in Finland warehouse and often they are available for us the next business day. We will be able to deliver the tires directly to the customer at no extra cost in Finland if needed.

Triangle tires in our webshop:
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