Weekie: D2 air suspension kits -100 €

Now is a good time to grab the air suspension kit at a cheaper price. The air suspension kits has gentlemanly driving pleasure and comfort. Air suspension kits can be adjusted directly from the run, kits are completely road legal and model specific.

D2 air suspension is the right choice when elegance, comfort and adjustable height is your thing. You can change the car height while driving and thats very useful when you drive in different conditions. For example its possible to adjust the height lower after a bad road. There is four different D2 air suspension model available: Basic, Deluxe, Gold and Superpro. All the air suspensions are nowdays also very much mot-compatible. Here in Finland you only need wheel alignment report and our D2 approval document.

Air suspension kits has same shocks as in D2 coilovers, shocks has same 36-step stiffness adjustment. Also spare parts are available widely and its possible to buy air bags, compressor and other spare parts separately.

D2 air suspension kits in webshop with discounted prices:
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