New: Mishimoto bolt-on intercooler kits

2018-10-22 15:25:13 by
In addition to the radiators and universal intercoolers in the shop, Mishimoto also has a wide range of model specific intercooler kits with all accessories for several cars.

In last week, we added big amount of intercooler kits for the most popular cars. Mishimotos intercooler kits are now available for many car brands and models. For example there are model specific kits for Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi and BMW, universal coolers can fit almost for any car.

For example, the model specific Mitsubishi Lancer cooler kit has been boosted by up to 24.5hp from standard. From Universal coolers, we always keep the most sold models in stock, other models such as model specific intercooler kits and non-common coolers can be ordered from the European warehouse usually under a week.

Mishimoto bolt-on intercooler kits and universal coolers in webshop:
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