Fuel hoses and stainless steel clamps

There is lots of different fuel hose types and they fit for example E85, diesel and for normal petrol. There is few different sizes, for example 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm. These can be mounted easily with MINI-ABA clamps and they can be unmounted easily as well - no need to cut the fuel hoses or etc ;)

The Gates fuel hose line came to the shop in beginning of this year. Since we've sold hundreds of meters if not a kilometer of hosing. These hoses handle everything from methanol and E85 without a cough. You'll also find some nice ABA stainless clamps, which are way better than those almost round, zinc-plated single-use things someone calls a clamp - MINI-ABA clamps can be also unmounted without problem if needed ;)

Submersible fuel hoses are also available separately. The difference between a regular and submersible E85 fuel hose is that the submersible ones are designed to withstand fuel on the outside as well, where regular ones handle it only on the inside.

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