Quaife: Best differential in the market!

Quaife torsen differential is quiet, with lifetime warranty and works great in street use. Quaife is a differential where practicality and comfrot fits in same sentence.

Quaife fits perfectlty and replaces the original differential easily with out problems. In welded models after the welding job you mount the Quaife simply with bolts. Quaife diffs are designed and manufactured in UK, where the professionalism of cars is at very high level. Every single unit is tested before selling that the minimum quality is always the best.

For coming winter, Quaife is great for any weather whether its snowing or raining. We keep the most common diffs always in stock and we order more when needed. Most popular differentials are for mainly for German cars, but we also sell lots of other models for European and Japanese cars.

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