Lots of RVS in stock - D8 and G8 treatments as new products.

Last week we got a nice amount of most popular RVS treatments in stock. Most popular like G4, G6, D4, D6 and the newest D8 and G8 are also in stock.

RVS is a working nanotecnology which allows a sliding but strong shield for engine and transmission parts. Engine and gearbox working improves right away when its also protected from the future wear. RVS reaches up to 100,000km, so the price does not end up too bad in kilometers (with G4 handling just under 0.04 € / 100km).

RVS treatmens are made for all applications, engines, gearboxes, power steering, and even fuel injection pumps - of course, treatments can be used in cars and mopeds, as well as in motorcycles, of course, even in lawnmowers or cutters. Over the years feedback has always been great for RVS.

RVS treatments in webshop:
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Have a great week!