Weekie: Autoglym products -10%

2018-09-07 11:08:54 by
Lets put the Autoglym products -10% discount. Autoglym makes high quality car care products like prewash and Polar blast foam for any use.

We added a nice amount of Autoglym car care products in our webshop a while ago. Now we have a wide range of Autoglym products in our webshop and stock for any washing need like motor cleaner, interior shampoo, polar blast snow foam and other nice cleaning products. Autoglym has products for every step, for example after washing there is a wide range of different waxes available. We also did cleaning packages for interior, wheels, leather etc which contains everything you need.

Polar Blast snow foam for Foam Lance is one of the Autoglyms new products. With Polar Blast prewash is actually a nice job and when it is in the form of foam it can be effected properly and thats how avoid scratching when washing mechanically. To apply the foam, we have foam lance which makes it easy and fast to use. Most popular Autoglym products can be found directly from our own stock and we order more when needed, even every day.

Autoglyms in our webshop at reduced prices:
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Have a great weekend!