Suspension in shape with Powerflex bushes

Polyurethane bushes improves driving abilities and manageability once and for all. Polyurethane bushes are also great choice to replace the OEM bushes.

Powerflex polyurethane bushings allows more rigid structure without affecting other features. Bushes has to be strong enough to damp unwanted movements, but flexible enough to absorb noices and forces what suspension have. Powerflex bushings last minime as long as original bushes but according to resent feedback, they last much more that original bushes.

Make it easier to find the right bushes, we have diagrams from the cars body and Powerflex pushes on our site, as its sometimes hard even for professionals to find the right bushes just with product codes and listings. For example, when upgrading the suspension with coilovers it is worth of while replacing old rubber bushes with polyurethane ones - this will give you all the benefits out of the suspension and in the future a lots of worry free kilometers.

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