Weekend offer: RVS products -20%

For the start of this weekend RVS products were put in big discount. RVS is now -20% discount only in this weekend.

RVS is a proven nanotechnology that allows sliding and extremely durable triboceramic surface in parts of engines and transmissions. Engines or transmissions condition improves right away and it is also protected from future wear. The RVS treatment will last 100,000km, so the price does not end up too bad, especially when the prices have now been dropped this much.

RVS treatments can be found for all applications such as engines, transmissions, injection pumps and powersteering. Over the years, RVS has sell a lot and beginning of this week we got more stuff in our shelfs. We keep the most sellest RVS products always in stock.

RVS in our webshop with 20% discount:
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Have a great weekend!