D2 coilover kit is excellent update

D2 coilover kit is a great update for any car. It replaces the OEM suspension and works properly in any condition.

D2 suspension kits are excellent for street and track use, the most popular model kit is Street. Comprehensive features like height and 36 step stiffness adjustment makes it a multi purpouse suspension kit when it's possible to adjust height and stiffness according to the circumstances. In the winter car can be lifted and in the spring it can be dropped again. With stiffness adjustment you can change the stiffness according to the road. Most kits comes with camber adjustment so D2 kits really have lots of adjustments.

All the D2 kits including air suspension is road legal here in Finland. We send approval with all Street and airsusp kits for the inspection. We order D2 few times a week or even everyday if needed, all the popular kits we keep always in stock.

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