Wheel hubs in stock

2018-08-27 15:54:28 by
With Luisi hub, you can mount almost any steering wheel to your car. Luisi hub is suitable for example with Sparco, Luisi and Momo steering wheels.

Luisi makes high quality wheel hubs for almost any car model. We have listed all the hub models with out airbag, but we also have a wide range of hubs for cars with airbags. Luisi wheel hubs has double bolt pattern and fits directly to Luisi, Sparco and Momo steering wheels. In the package there is hub it self and screws for mounting.

Luisi also makes lots of steering wheels from materials such as polyurethane, rubber and wood. Most popular Luisi items we keep in stock and other we can get in few days from order. We also have a quick release hubs available which is a great product especially for the track as the steering wheel is easy to remove out of the way when needed.

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