Viikkotarjous: K&N ilmansuodattimet -10%

K&N air filters with million mile warranty! K&N ensures that the engine gets enough air and is one of the most popular upgrades for any car.

K&N makes high quality panel and cone filters mainly for cars but there are filters for motorcycles also - you can get the discount from these as well! K&N air filter are washable and can be re- oiled. Installation is easy - old out, new in. With K&N air filter, the air resistance is much lower, so the engine doesn't need much effort to suck air and that means better fuel economy and higher power.

We have many K&N filters in stock, speacially 3" and 4" cone filters which are the most populare ones and few replacement filters as well. There are also K&N intake kits available, which perform even better thanks to a complete new intake pipeing. Intake kits has places for all original sensors so it does not need any big modifications when installing. We order more K&N air filters weekly and in most cases delivery time is less that one week.

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