Weekend offer: Quaife differentials -10 %

Hot summer means hot offers! Quaife ATB differentials are on a -10 % offer this weekend!

Fresh from Quaife HQ is this weekends -10 % offer on the ATB differentials. All units readily discounted in the webshop.

The Quaife differentials are torsen units. They work flawlessly with traction control and are the most suitable type of differential for streets as well.

In front wheel drive cars, a Quaife elimintaes the so-called powersteer effects where the car pulls to either side almost completely. On rwd models... well they just need an lsd diff ;)

Traction control light blinking in wet or snow conditions is almost completely eliminated when both tires offer their full traction to move the car forward.

So. Here they are. Check the model, and use the offer in case you're in need of one of the best differentials on the market!
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Race.Fi / Willem