Weekend offer: Widebands -10%

Let's kick our most popular widebands in our weekend offer -10%. Wideband is a great additon for any tuned engine which need more fidelity.

Innovate, Vems and PLX now in our weekend offer -10% only in this weekend. These three sell high quality widebands for any engine with or without EGT sensor. A wideband is also a very cheap insurance for you engine - it informs any problems before anything bad happens to your engine.

The Vems wideband + EGT is a great and cheaper choice when you also need an EGT sensor especially in turbo engines, of course its possible get the VEMS without the EGT. Innovate is a great choice when you just want a wideband with a traditional and fine look, without any other features than mixtrue ratio - very popular in older engines. We just got a nice amount of Innovate MTX-L in our stock yesterday. Last but not least, the PLX is a wideband kit with a modern touch screen and the ability to add extra sensors like boost and egt. We keep all our widebands always in stock.

Widebands in our webshop:
»» Vems wideband
»» PLX wideband
»» Innovate MTX-L wideband

Have a great weekend!