Weekend offer: Mishimoto radiators -15%

Cooling upgrades! Lets put the perfromance Mishimoto radiators -15% discount in our weekend offer.

Mishimoto radiators are mainly car specific and with a high quality finish. Mishimoto radiators cooling power is much better and is a great choice when you need more cooling even in traffic lights. Mishimoto has a bigger water capacity which allows more water and that means more cooling power in every condition. For custom mods, we have a dimension pdf in our site which allows to check the right radiator with dimensions almost for any use.

Mishimoto has a wide range of different kind of coolers available also, there is many colour and dimension options for any use. We stock the most popular radiators & coolers and we order more from Mishimoto twice a week or when needed.

Mishimoto radiators & coolers with discounted price:
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