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Probably one of the leading spring manufacturers, Eibach is a certain choice for lowering springs, shocks and kits. Eibach also makes wheel spacers and sway bars.

Eibach Pro-kit and Sportline lowering springs

Pro-kit and Sportline lowering springs offer superior quality and ride comfort. They are also an OE choice of many factory sports kits from Audi and BMW. Pro-Kits offer drops of around 30mm, and Sportline kits 40 to 50mm.

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Eibach Pro-kit and Sportline B12 suspension kits

The B12 kits come with Eibach springs and Bilstein B8 dampers which offer firm damping and are designed for lower springs. Most models also have an upside-down design for increased rigidity. Most customers change cars from time to time, and this is a kit many get for their new car as well. That's about as high as customer satisfaction can get ;)

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Eibach Pro-street S coilovers

Eibach Pro-street S coilovers offer a very sporty driveability and a stepless height adjustment, still maintaining a lot of comfort. Offering drops of 20 to 70mm, the Pro-Street S coilovers are a choice of a gentleman seeking the perfect stance.

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Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit sway bar kits

A sway bar kit is the overlooked way to increase stability in cornering without sacrificing any of the comfort. Stiffer roll bars keep the car level in corners, and at the same time allow for softer and more comfy springs - or overall better track performance of course - your choice!

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