Weekie: Sachs SRE clutches -10%

We just put the Sachs SRE clutches in -10% discount in our weekly offer. We keep the most popular clutch parts in our warehouse.

Sachs SRE is made by ZF-sachs's performance branch. SRE clutches are available for most European cars and they offer great torque caps combined with comfortable driveability. The most popular ones like -763, -765 and -707 we have listed as they own because they are most universal clutch parts, its possible to make the clutch from these almost for every car. With the organic clutch disc, Sachs is a very good choice for street car.

There is also model specific kits available for most car and of course its possible to check the right one with diameter or bore. With our webshop partnumber search its easy to look up prices for any Sachs SRE cluch cover, clutch disc or bearing. We keep the most popular clutch items in our stock and we order more when needed, usually even twice a week.

Sachs SRE in our webshop:
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