Snow Performance water injection kits product descriptions updated

Water injection kit injects water methanol in to the engine when there is more octane number and power for sure. Last week and today we have updated the product descriptions and now there is more model specific information in our webshop about Snow Performance.

With the water injection kit the water meth is sprayed to the engine air intake when the boost pressure is in certain point, that will cool the air when there going to be more power aswell - the coller the air is, the more its possible to run it into the engine. There is tree different types available, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 - of course there is different models from these.

Stage 2 is "standard kit", it is the simplies model for petrol on diesel engine without any additional parts - injection works through the boost pressure which can be adjusted. Stage 2 and 3 includes same as the Stage 1, but it's possible to have it with MAF sensor. Then the injection is adjusted by MAF sensor, these are popular example for TFSI/FSI engines. Snow Performance has a "model specific" kits for TFSI/FSI and 1.8T engines which you can find from many VAG cars. Model specific installation helps when the kit is made for the exact car.

An illustrative image of the operation of the water injection kit:

Snow Performance water injection kits:
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