We just got a fresh batch of Brisk spark plugs

We just got more plugs in our stock. Most popular ones like IR and LGS spark plugs comprise biggest part of our stock.

Brisk spark plugs are high quality for sure and is also our most popular spark plugs. You can find right spark plugs almost for any racing engine and even for a gas car. There is Brisk LGS, IR, YS and DS-turbo plugs in our webshop. IR and LGS are most common for standard and racing engines and for turbo engines Brisk has DS plugs available which are designed specifically for turbo racing engines.

Brisk are included to our standard stock and we order them as needed. Actually in this week we got a nice amount of Brisk and now there is many spark plugs in stock. Recently we added "Common plug shortlist" in the description where is the most asked engines and spark plugs for them (standard and race).

Brisk spark plugs:
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