Weekly offer: Black Diamond brakes -10 %

On the weekly offer, no less than quality brakes from Black Diamond @ -10 %!

Good brakes are a basis for any track car and any loved family members. Throughout the years, Black Diamond brakes have gathered a great track record among customer feedback. Whereas traditional replacement pads squeal and discs get warped before even touching the pedal, BD parts have been praised quite a lot for their good quality.

The discs are treated with a black, hard surface coating which both prevents corrosion and offers a good base for further treatment as well. The discs are available as drilled, grooved and a combi model which is both drilled and grooved.

Predator pad brake pads work great on the street and you can use them with any brand of brake discs.

A constant 10 % discount is offered on full kits (two sets of discs and pads, and a hose set), and now you get the discount for individual parts as well. For full kits, make sure to ask our sales for an even greater offer.

Without further talks, here you go with the products:
»» Race.fi: Black Diamond brake discs
»» Race.fi: Black Diamond brake pads
»» Race.fi: Black Diamond stainless steel braided brake hoses

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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