Happy new year!

2017-12-29 13:03:36 by
We wish a splendid new year 2018 to all of you guys and girls! Here's our last weekly offer from 2017 as well.

This weekend we'll all celebrate the new year 2018. On Monday we're thus closed, but will open our doors normally on Tuesday. Happy new year!

The last promotion of this year takes us back to the roots and basics of car tuning: K&N air filters. K&N are basically the best filters money - a moderate amount though - can buy.

On offer are the regular replacement filters which mount in the stock air box, the intake kits which come with an upgraded intake pipe as well, and the cone filters in several different sizes.

Replacement filters and intake kits are all model-specific, so they're a straight bolt-on performance upgrade.

»» Race.Fi: K&N replacement air filters
»» Race.Fi: K&N intake kits
»» Race.Fi: K&N cone filters
»» Race.Fi: K&N air filter clean & oil kit
»» Race.Fi: All K&N air filters

Other news this week

A water-methanol injection kit allows considerable boost increases and raises the effective octane rating as much as 20 units. Snow Performance kits were just updated in the shop.

»» Race.Fi: Snow Performance water injection kits

A fresh shipment of Quaife ATB differentials for popular cars like BMW and MB just chimed in. All the high-selling units are in stock & ready to ship.

»» Race.Fi: Quaife re-stock

All the best for your new year 2018! Race.Fi / Ari, Willem, Jaana and Riku