Weekly offer: D2 air suspensions

On weekly offer is the low'n'comfy way of driving. All D2 air suspension kits are on sale until December 15th. These kits are as bolt-on as an air suspension comes!

Available in four different flavors, the D2 air suspension kits come as bolt-on as air suspensions can. The ready assembled struts will bolt right on, and a compact compressor + tank assembly goes in the trunk.
The Basic kit allows a road-scraping height on the show field, and easily lifts to a usable height when you drive your car. Deluxe, Gold and SuperPro offer more features like independent solenoids for each wheel, memory slots for height and automatic leveling.

Get your kit here:
»» D2 air suspensions

While you're at it, also do check out the D2 big brake kits. If you're after a simple coilover kit, check out the coilovers:
»» D2 alustasarjat
»» D2 etujarrusarjat
»» D2 takajarrusarjat

All orders over 400€ are shipped free of charge to most EU countries ;)
Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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