Monthly: Amsoil -10 to -40 %

Decembers starters are the Amoil oils at a generous monthly offer. These oils get tons of great feedback, and now's the time to make room for new stocks!

Lets start with a small story (translated from Finnish): I was visiting Professional Motorsport a while ago, and tend to check company emails and facebook messages even though we do have staff at the warehouse. It's an entrepreneurs habit. There I sat, eating breakfast (=drinking coffee), and the phone let me know there was a new message. It started with a controversial "F**ck guys!". As you know, phones don't show the complete message, only the first few words on the notification bar.
I almost inhaled the coffee and thought "well, this day started great....".

I opened the message, and it continued: "Now the s**t *** oils (brand-service suggested oil), are out, and Amsoil put in place. I have sometimes used *** -oil, but it didn't work in cold conditions. I hope Amsoil works in the cold mornings as well, but i wouldn't have believed a transmission which is usually regarded an "all of these are hard to shift" -transmission, could shift this easily! gears can be hanged with one finger!

Anyways. I rarely feel like giving great feedback, but this feels great! Especially if it still works tomorrow morning!
". And guess what: it did.
- Willem

A permission to use the feedback was asked and the less-performing oil names are removed as that is simply polite.

Needless to say, that kind if feedback makes our day, and is the best indicator of product which is genuinely good! Measurements, lab tests and great-looking banners are far far behind from a clear feedback like this.

Amsoil products are on offer directly in the webshop:
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Other news this week

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D2 coilover sales have skyrocketed thanks to the new inspection regulations, where traditional TUV approvals can be replaced with other documents as well. We will now inlcude an inspection document for all coilover kits.

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Turbosmart wastegates and manual boost controllers just got some pretty decent price updates. Check these out!

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Stocks were just replenished for Race.Fi products. Dump valves, fuel pressure regulators, oil coolers, oil cooler install kits, engine mounts. You name it, we stock it.

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Have a nice weekend! Race.Fi / Ari