A few common Quaife questions

Everyone knows Quaife belongs to the differential royalty, but it still doesn't mean you should use blue oil as in blue-blooded royalty. Here are a few questions which are commonly asked.

1.) What oil to use? The same viscosity and spec. Usually 75w90 or 75w140 GL5. Make sure to use non-lsd oil, as lsd additives are only for plate-type units and too slippery for a gear-type differential.

2.) Maintenance and installations. Quaife doesn't need separate care - it's a life-long unit. In installation, a Quaife replaces the original unit 1:1, so it doesn't need separate shimming or modding to install, as long as the shimming is correct in the first place.

3.) Warranty? Life-long as long as the unit is registered with Quaife. The warranty covers everything, except normal wear or incorrect usage (=driving without oil for example). Warranty also covers competition use.

4.) Does a Quaife work with ABS and stability control? A Quaife never locks completely, so it works flawlessly with any traction control and abs system. A Quaife will not light any warning lights or cause fault codes either.

These seem to be this falls four top questions, so here they are answered. Feel free to ask us more though =)

All Quaife differentials are available from us with great prices, and thanks to an established and long-term relationship with the factory, also very quickly. We ship free to Finland and most other EU countries.

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