Walbro fuel pumps: always in stock

2017-11-15 12:00:00 by
Walbro, simply the market leader for fuel pumps with good reason. And of course, in stock with a fresh shipment of GSS341 and GSS342 pumps.

Walbro fuel pumps must be "the thing" when fuel pumps are concerned, as they just keep shipping in, shipping out, at an increasing rate. And why not - they're darn good pumps!

The Walbro GSS342 and GSS341 pumps are accompanied by several different fitting kits, which offer direct fitment for quite a few models. There's also a universal kit which in reality is simply a Nissan 200sx set, as it's filter and harness are well suited for many other vehicles, including models like the Bmw 3-series and other popular models which don't have a dedicated install kit.

Both pumps mentioned above just came into stock in quite a big quantity, so check them & the Aeroflow and Bosch pumps out here:
»» Race: fuel pumps

Oh, and if you'd like to take a peek inside a fuel pump, heres your change. Normally a pump is not meant to be opened. We needed an angle grinder, metal saw, hammer and vice in addition to the obvious camera in order to write the following topic:
»» Why does a fuel pump break, and what's it like inside one?