D2 brakes, coilovers and air kits

Quality brakes, coilover and air suspensions are made by D2. The brand has been in our range since the start, for 11 years, and is here to stay!

Air suspension kits are always a big investment, but at the same time, they offer both a very low car when needed and some comfort which usually doesn't go hand to hand with low cars. The greatness of air suspensions is that you can really slam your car and still drive it with the push of a button.

D2 air suspension kits are based on the same great design as D2's coilovers. The base height is set by adjusting the lower mount, and most models also come with an adjustable noise-insulated top mount to set camber to whatever you see fit.
Air suspensions come in a few flavors, which all will get you low, but offer more handy features like automatic leveling memory slots so you can just set the car height to a preset by pushing a button.

Air suspensions are also street legal in most EU countries, Finland included, as long as they're adjusted properly and the car is actually driveable. Country-specific regulations are easily figured out by calling your local inspection center.

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»» D2 air suspension kits

D2's coilovers probably don't need a lot of introductions, but lets put in a few sentences about them as well. The coilovers are fully dampening adjustable while height is adjusted from the lower mount on most models. Many kits also have a model-specific image on our site as we tend to photo-shoot all kits coming through if there's time (we dont delay shipping for just taking photos). All kits come with an extended 2-year warranty.

All coilover kits are bolt-on products, and alone in Finland there are thousands of kits. We've been selling these for 11 years, and D2 is here to stay!

Check out the products here:
»» D2 coilover kits

Last but not least, D2 also makes great brakes. Great as in a product and also size. The kits come from the very compact 286, 304 and 330mm kits to humongous kits requiring a minimum of 22" wheels.

The most sold kits fall in the 304, 330 and 356mm range as they are widely used in racing and are relatively light thanks to their aluminum center. Pads are also available from all mainstream brands so you can fine-tune brake grip to your liking. All kits are bolt-on and include caliper carriers, pads, calipers, assembled discs as well as hoses and all the needed high-grade bolts and nuts to fit them.

D2's brake are divided into two categories; front and rear, and you can find them here:
»» D2 big brake kits

As always, if you're facing a tough choice, just ask our sales for a little help!

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