Weekie: Gripper differentials -10 %

2017-11-10 14:52:46 by
Gripper differentials offer top notch competition differentials with tailored ramp angles and preloads. Now on weekly offer for -10 %!

Gripper is a quality differential made in Convetry, Great Britain. Gripper differentials are always shipped with your choice of ramp angles and a customizable preload. The differentials are also fully rebuildable and serviceable. Naturally, you can get all the service kits from us as well.

Check out and order you Gripper diff here:
»» Gripper differentials

Professional motorsport: here we come!
Next week Willem will visit the Professional Motorsport show in Cologne, Germany. The exhibition gathers all the top notch brands and suppliers literally under one roof, and is a great chance to say hello to our exiting partners face to face, as well as do some scouting on new opportunities and trends. Expect a follow up an a full debreef shortly =)

Other news this week

Fiddling through the different types of limited slip differentials can be a tiresome task and there are a lot of terms which are pretty vaguely used on the internet. We did a differential 101 writeup while ago, and it is very on topic now that the season has started.

»» Differentials: a tough choice?

Black Diamond all-round kits -10 % from our sales!

»» Black Diamond: Full sets -10 %

Holset turbocharger prices were just updated, and to your joy, they were lowered. Most models are also available in stock or in a few days.

»» Holset prices updated

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem