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Race.Fi: News 1.6.2011

***Black Diamond: brake discs, pads and hoses***

The brake discs are black-passivated to give them an extra layer of protection against the harsh conditions a brake disc needs to endure.

The brake discs are a perfect upgrade for the sporty driver who wishes to get a little more from his car, but doesnt want to spend on a full big brake kit.

Black Diamond brake discs are available as slotted discs, grooved discs, and a combi disc model which is both slotted and grooved.

The Black Diamond brake pads are a good option to combine with the brake discs. The pads are mostly aimed for street cars with low level of dust and good friction.

The braided brake hoses from the english manufacturer Black Diamond are an excellent upgrade when its time to maintain your brakes. Braided hoses give you a sharper feel on the pedal because the steel braiding reduces the flex of the hoses when you apply pressure by pushin the pedal. The balloonlike feeling is less noticeable, and the overall "feeling" of spirited driving is improved.

For a full Black Diamond -set (discs, pads, hoses) we offer 10% discount!

For more info about Black Diamond, visit out website:Race.Fi: Black Diamond brakes

***ProMotech Chiptuning***

The Swedish ProMotech power modules are available for both gasoline and diesel engines. The water-proof unit comes with plug and play connectors meaning that the installation take 5 minutes at best.

ProMotech modules in a nutshell
- Plug’n’play connectors.
- No need for additional modifications, allthough we do suggest a new air filter and fresh motor oil.
- A box tailored for every model - no one-size-fits-all mockups!
- 3 year warranty – also covers water damage so you could even install this in the washer fluid tank without voiding warranty.
- 30 day satisfaction guarantee: if you're not satisfied, you can return the box – no questions asked.
- Delivery time less than one week.

How to order?
You can order your module my calling us or sending us a message. An order will need your name, address, telephone and email. Naturally the product, and your cars model, year, power output and trim are also needed. If you are not sure which model to choose, please ask us and we'll help you out.

Check out more information about ProMotech Chiptuning at our website: Race.Fi: ProMotech

***Sachs Performance***

We are an official distributor of the Sachs Performance clutches made in Germany. The Sachs clutches are especially popular in european cars

For more info and usefull links, visit our website:Race.Fi: Sachs Performance

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Whiteline is an real quality brand from Australia. Whiteline's products are constantly developed and tested. Whiteline individually tests every type of car, which quarantees that their products really do fit and work on cars which they are available to.

Check out more about our range of Whiteline products:Race.Fi: Whiteline

***D2 Coilovers***

We are the official distributor of D2 products in Finland and one of the largest throughout whole Europe. Taiwanese D2 manufactures mainly Coilovers and Brake-kits for a variety of Cars. D2 is reliable, popular and relatively cheap brand, which is used by selected professional drivers, especially in Drifting.

Check out more about our range of D2 products: Race.Fi: D2


For the brands mentioned above or any other brand, check out our Webshop!


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