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Weekly: Wideband gauges on offer

2017-10-27 14:42:11 by
On weekly offer: PLX, Vems and Innovate 4.9 sensor wideband kits.

On offer for the next week are some nice little packages to get the winter season in the garage started. Snow just fell over here in Finland, so we're all just crawling back to the welcoming warmth of our garages.

Vems widebands
Wideband available with EGT or without. One of our models thats been on sale for a long time Vems wideband with 4.9 sensor. Includes 52mm gauge which monitors exhaust temperatures on celsius or farenheit. Fuel mixture in ratio or lambda value.
Operating unit is in the gauge, so there is no external box to take space.

Innovate widebands
Innovate has to models which we sell, DLG-1 which is excellent for V-engines. It includes two lambda sensors. MTX-L and DLG-1 widebands both come with 52mm gauge and 4.9 sensor.
Operating unit is in the gauge, so there will be no external box to take space.

PLX widebands
Top seller, and most inquired wideband. Plenty of choises to chain information such as manifold pressure (sold separately). Includes 52mm gauge with touch screen.
This model has operating unit separately in box, which can be chained with plenty of options for example EGT, manifold pressure and more.

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