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New arrival: Snow Performance water injection kits -10%

2017-10-13 11:27:00 by
Snow Performance water injection kits just arrived into our stock, and they are now on a -10 % introduction promo!

What is a water injection system and what is it useful for?

A water injection system literally injects water or a water/methanol mix into the engine, cooling down intake air up to 100 C, which is basically a chemical way of turbocharging as more air and thus more fuel can be delivered into the engine.

Here's a decent schematic on how it works.

Methanol is a slow burning high-octane fuel, which when mixed 50/50 with water and sprayed into the intake, can rize octane rating by 25. This means regular 98 octane pump gas turns into 123 octane race fuel.

A water injection system also keeps the combustion chamber clean and free of deposits.

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