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New model-specific images for D2 coilovers

2017-10-11 16:21:43 by
When and if a previously unseen coilover kit comes through, we shoot it. D2 coilovers were just updated with new images, so you can see exactly what the kit for your car looks like.

D2 product images have been updated in the past as well, and now there are over a hundred more. We shoot all kits coming through if we just have time (we wont delay shipping by taking pictures of course). Images are readily available in the webshop with each coilover kit.

Model-specific images give you a better understanding on what the kit for your car looks like, and also give extra certainty so you know what you're getting.

D2 coilover sales have been hot, and why not. They're a very good bang for the buck kit which is easily height, damping, and in most cases also camber adjustable with the uniball topmounts on McPherson kits. Spareparts are also available from lower mount bolts to topmounts, most readily in our own stock. The kits are thus not a one-summer thing: they last long and spare parts are also available.

D2 coilover kits in the shop:
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