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Weekie: Quaife differentials -5 %

2017-09-29 11:12:06 by
Quaifes are no new thing, but inarguably among the best diffs you can get!

Diff sales are starting to climb, as thanks to our "summer", winter memories are still very clear :D We're now living some kind of strange mini-summer over here in Finland, so lets put the Quaifes on a -5 % sale.

If you're familiar with Quaife, then just go get your's while they're on offer. If not, here's why you should get one:
» Works with the original traction control.
» Lifetime warranty including motorsports.
» When you want, you can drive like a gentleman wihtout noise, or push the car to the limits - it's your choice.
» No additional noise or vibrations.
» Never completely locks the wheels, but instead transfers more power to the wheel that has more traction.
» Manufactured and designed in the UK.
» A good choice for slippery conditions unlike clutch-type diffs which completely lock the wheels.
» In the opinion of many of our customers: The best modification they did on their cartop.

The offer is valid until next friday, and the units are of course discounted in the shop directly. The discount is not huge, but on the other hand our starting prices aren't huge either so this is a good deal ;)
»» Quaife ATB differentials

A new Cloud9 server
Like cars, servers also need some upgrades from time to time. Something like putting a bigger Garrett in there.

Our site moved to a new Finnish Nebula Cloud9 hosting platform. As most readers are car junkies, lets skip the intel-ssd-ht-128gb-http2 stuff.

What the transfer means is:
» More power for the ~double amount of visitors compared to last year.
» That way, lower latencies and a generous reserve for the future.
» Needless to say; state of the art security protocols so you can leave off the folio cap when browsing, on our site at least :D

Our Service Manuals -section
What's a service manual? Well it's a manual usually published by the car factory which is used by professionals when they work on a car. The manual answers questions from the correct plugs to the main cap torque rating and -order.

We dont have a manual for each an every car, but managed to upload quite a nice selection of the models usually surfacing in FB/forum discussions. We'll keep updating these, and are also open for suggestions in case you have a manual that needs hosting - after all, we've got that shiny new server just drooling for more traffic ;)

»» Race.Fi: Factory service manuals

Have a good weekend! - Willem