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Davies Craig electronic water pumps

2017-09-20 12:00:00 by
Electornic water pumps for booster or replace original. Available in many different liters per hour and controller.

Davies Craig waterpump can be installed next to original or replacing original. Benefit in electronic waterpump compared to original is smaller powerloss especially on high rpm engines.
Pumps speed and usage can be controlled, so it will stay on after turning off engine for your desired time.

There are plenty of different models on pumps, from 15 liters / minute (small power engines) to 150 liters per minute (+350hp engines).
Water pumps frame are available in alloy or nylon, with or without controller.

Controller can adjust fan and waterpump speed - for desired engine temperature between 70 - 95 degrees, 5-degree steps.

Installation bracket also available for EWP115, EWP130 and EWP150 models.

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