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Differential sales has been very hot recently!

2017-09-18 13:05:24 by
We have the right differential in every car and use!

What is the best differential and use?

Its simple - torsen differential is for street use (Quaife) and LSD (Cusco, Gripper & Kaaz) for race use. Of course its possible to use LSD in streets and torsen in track, but we suggest to choose which is more suitable for your use and especially when choosing diff for street use that its drivable enough. Torsen is always the best setup for street car, because it does not make any weird noices while driving your parking lot and its also a very good upgrade for winter. Quaife offers much more traction in every condition and it never locks the wheels completely.

LSD is the best chocse for track use especially because its serviceable, we sell service kits for all our LSD differentials what includes toothed plates and shim plates - properly maintained LSD is eternal and price ratio meets, when LSD is not broken by a few track day and it can be also serviced in right shape. The service it self its not actually that hard and with right tools it can be done even in the "track conditions" quite easily. Differential sales has been very hot recently: Our first stock order was sell out before it arrived to our warehouse - next shipment is coming in end of this week with more than few differentials.

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