News 24.5.2011

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Race.Fi Products

A lot of aluminium pipes, silicon products in stock!

Braided silicone connectors can handle much more heat and pressure than original rubber connectors. So when increasing boost or rebuilding intercooler piping, it's really recommended to use silicone connectors. Silicone resist water and coolant, and also oil / gas splashes.

Aluminum pipes are handy for example when installing aftermarket air filter or intercooler. Our aluminum pipes are thick enough to weld with regular TIG and the material can also be welded to "normal" aluminum.

600x300x100cm intercoolers in stock!

By changing original intercooler to one with better airflow and cooling capacity you can increase your engine's performance considerably, even with stock engine! Stock intercooler works quite often as "bottleneck" so it reduces the amount of air that could be going to the engine. Also stock intercoolers are quite often poor when it comes to cooling abilities. With better flowing and cooling intercooler you can easily gain more performance from your engine!

Race.Fi -intercoolers are a product where price and quality meets for the customer's benefit. We have picked a manufacturer keeping eye on good quality and cooling power!

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