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Winter tire season is coming: Wheel bolts, nuts and wheel spacers

2017-09-12 15:54:26 by
As soon as the tire changing starts again, its good time to update the nuts and bolts as well as retrieve the appearance on the rim with wheel spacers.

Through us you will find bolts, nuts and studs for any car. You can find easy search engine from our website, where you can easily find the bolts or nuts in right thread, because the list of different bolts and nuts is long.

Today we added cheap but good quality female hex nuts in our webshop in M12x1.5 and M12x1.25 with black or silver colour. We keep all the hex nuts in stock always in every colour and size. In addition to the bolts and nuts, we have also Eibach wheel spacers - the range covers most of the cars and, of course, search by bolt pattern and thickness can be also used if the car is less common and for some reason not found on Eibachs very comprehensive list.

Eibach spacers models are bolt-on, slip-on and only disc which will mount with the wheel - usually the disc models are thin and the more thicker are usually bolt-on models. Widening the track width makes the car more stable and reduces roll, in addition to better looks. Eibach wheel spacers are made of high quality material and will work in every condition, even in Finland ;)

Bolts, nuts and wheel spacers in our webshop:
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»» Eibach wheel nuts
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