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Gears short with short shifter!

2017-08-30 12:09:33 by
A short shifter is one of the best and popular updates to any car - easy installation and reasonable cost!

The function of the short shifter is to reduce the gear shift movement and shift more accurately. In most cases, installation is easy from the top, so bigger works are avoided and of course, all shifters are model specific product, so the short sifter goes directly to the old ones place. Short shifter makes shifts 20-40% shorter, which ensures faster shifting and simply - replacing old shifter shorter, shifting is much more comfortable. We stock all the most popular models in our shelfs and we order more at regular intervals. As a matter of fact, when writing this topic, we just got more products from the factory.

Benefits of short shifters:
- Shortens stick travel from 20 to 40%
- Improves overall shifting compared to the possible worn original linkage.
- Switching gears is more easily with new ad shorter stick
- Easy installation and cheap price

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