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Weekly offer: OBP -10%

2017-09-08 12:00:00 by
The UK-based OBP's handbrakes and pedalboxes offer optimum balance - and optimum braking. They are now celebrating their 10-year anniversary, so lets celebrate that with a -10 % off all OBP products.

OBP Hydraulic handbrakes
OBP handbrakes come in several flavors in either vertical, horizontal or an angled setup, with 280 or 600 mm handled, and for a twin or single line. Cyliners are standard size and exchangeable with most handbrake/pedalbox cylinders. This means the OBP cylinders we sell separately also fit most other handbrake and pedalbox brands.
Check out the handbrakes here.
»» OBP hydraulic handbrakes

OBP Pedalboxes
OBP pedalboxes are available as bolt-on (well, as bolt-on as a pedalbox can be), or universal setups for either floor- or firewall mounts. All kits can be ordered with or without cylinders, for different clutch setups and the optional bias quick adjustment which basically lets you turn the bias bar on the fly based on driving conditions. A pedalbox is the best solution as far as competition brakes go; they offer adjustability, direct feel to the brakes and remove dependency to engine vacuum.
»» OBP Pedalboxes

The most common handbrakes and pedalboxes are found directly from our stock, like most of our brake cylinders and line locks.

OBP supplies:
»» OBP line locks
»» OBP bias valves
»» OBP brake cylinders

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