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Black Diamond brakes will make sure that your car will stop!

2017-08-29 12:49:48 by
Black Diamond brake discs and pads makes sure that there are brakes in every conditions!

Black Diamond is a british manufacturer for performance brake discs and pads, where you can find just the right parts almost for every car in the world. Black Diamonds discs are black as the name tells, which gives a good protection against corrosion and of course makes discs looking good. Black coating also extends inside the vents, keeping then less rusted and improves heat dissipation.

Black Diamonds high performance brake pads are less dusty and withstand considerable amount of heat, making the pads ideal for the track and very useful for professional traffic where they require a lot of durability and performance from the pads. The most popular brake pads and discs can be found directly from our own stock. We also order Black Diamond twice a week, when even the most special brake parts always comes quickly to us.

Black Diamond brake discs & pads:
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