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Better fuel economy with K&N air filter!

2017-09-06 12:00:00 by
With K&N air filter engine gets more air and the resistance decreases due to the more porous, but more filterable structure of the filter.

Why K&N air filter? K&N filters are lifelong and with a million mile warranty, in other words, they will last a lifetime of a car. Acquiring a K&N filter can also be considered as a kind of eco business, as the filter is eternal and reusable so it never needs to be replaced - as the paper filter is usually changed about once a year or when miles are run x amount. The high flow air filter also saves in fuel costs because the engine uses much less power than the normal paper filter when getting air.

High flow air filter is also a one of the easiest ways to get more power - getting more air is always important. For tighter tuning and when the original casing can no longer be used, 3 and 4 inch cone filters are right choice, allowing enough air to go through even 1000hv. To sum up, K&N is a highly versatile filter and can be used in professional traffic or in a high performance drifter with no doubts.

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