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Suspensions in shape with Eibach!

2017-09-05 12:00:00 by
Eibachs suspension solutions are sure to get suspension into great shape, was it just a chassis update or a bit bigger lowering!

From the Eibach product family, you will definitely find the right lowering springs, suspension kits, or even wheel spacers that can be used to widen your car track width. The most popular Eibach products are definitely the Pro-kit lowering springs that bring lowering and progression to the driving in just the right proportions. Pro-kit lowering springs are an excellent upgrade to replacing old broken springs and with -30mm mild lowering, even standard shock absorbers can be used.

For a more comprehensive suspension update, we recommend the Eibach Pro-Street S Coilovers or B12 pro-kit and B12 Sportline shock + spring kits. Pro-street S is as it name says, its with heigh adjustable kit mainly for street use. Adjustability is perfect for Finnish seasons, because in winter car can be slightly lifted and, in the spring, "hit the ground" again if it feels like it. The Pro-kit and the Sportline kits works with Pro-kit and Sportline springs, together with Bilstein B8 shock absorbers what are designed even for slightly bigger drops - so there is no fear of bottoming.

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