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Precise Turbosmart boost controllers and dump valves

2017-08-24 15:49:00 by
Turbosmart makes precise boost controllers and dump valves for every use!

Turbosmart boost controller is made with high quality ball valve which make sure that pressure will always rise quickly to the set value and stay there accurately. With boost controller you can adjust the boost pressure right, simply the boost controller restrict pressure to wastegate and then its possible to rise the boost pressure.

Dump valve lets over pressure out safely when throttle body closes. For example by dumping it directly to outside air or recycling it back to the air filter, when you can reach quiet voice and its also easier to the engine when already measured air remains in the system. Turbosmart has two dump valve models, recycling by-pass, which will blow the over pressure to the air filter and "normal" dump valve which will let the air directly outside from the turbo pipes. Most popular Turbosmart dumps and boost controllers are in our own stock and of course we can delivey any Turbosmart product in few days.

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