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K&N cone filters -10%

2017-07-25 16:27:34 by
A pretty big shipment of cone filters just arrived, and as we got them for a decent price, lets make your prices a little lower as well: -10 % on K&N cones.

K&N is the worlds leader in aftermarket filters, and with good reason. They're just so damn good! Our shelves carry 3 and 4" filters in a few different lengths. By keeping a relatively small set of product and focusing on the volume of them, we can buy a ton of them into stock. K&N filters last a lifetime as long as they are washed and oiled from time to time.

A good product to get alongside a filter is the K&N recharge kit. It inlcudes an aerosol oil which is a lot easier to apply and a lot less messy than using can oil. A strong cleaner is also included, which will definitely take care of getting that filter clean - we even use the cleaner to clean our bbq sometimes ;)

Check them out here, international shipping 9,90 €
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