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Weekie: D2, Eibach ja control arms -10%

2017-07-21 13:47:09 by
Let's hit the D2, Eibach and control arms in -10% discount in our weekly offer!

These three brands are the most popular control arms in our range, so what would be better than put these -10% discount. These arms are fully adjustable and you can adjust the angles of the wheel for sure. Many cars have adjustable control arms as original, but there is usually very limited adjustment range when lowering the car, so you will need control arms which has bigger adjustment range - like these.

If you need for example coilover or lowering springs with these control arms, we can sell these parts togehter with better price so we suggest to contact our sales. Most popular control arms we keep always in our stock and matter of fact, more is coming within two weeks, so we can sell these with fast shipping in the future as usually.

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