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Davies Craig electric water pumps -10 % on weekly

2017-06-09 15:07:28 by
Polar bears have finally disappeared from the Helsinki streets, so we're pretty sure summer has finally arrived. Lets put the Davies Craig electric water pumps on promo this time!

An electric water pump can be installed as a booster in-line with the original pump, or more commonly as a full replacement by either removing the belt & emptying the original pump or installing a block-off plate.

The definite benefit of an electric pump is it's set rate of flow, meaning the pumped amount is just correct from idle rpm to redline conditions. A traditional pump will spin way more than needed in cars which frequently see high rpm's.

A separate controller is also available. The controller has a temp sensor and runs the pump at the needed speeds ensuring a quick reach to operating temperatures and avoiding so-called overcooling.

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Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille